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Let us help you add an element of fun and colour to your upcoming event. At Anna's Sweets n' Treats we are dedicated to presenting an original and stunning design that matches your theme and mood for the evening (or afternoon). What is so amazing about our service is that no matter the age, the child like wonder in all of us will be enticed by the opportunity to fill their very own treat bag (or box) to snack on right then and there or to enjoy later. Whether you wish for a fun, bright and child-like table or a demure, sophisticated and decadent one, you can be assured that we will supply a candy and treat table to match.

A candy buffet is a wonderful way to create conversation and mingling among your guests. Whether you chose to place it somewhere in hiding as the end to a scavenger hunt and have the buzz flying around the room about what your guests just discovered--or have it displayed amongst the party, we are certain that your buffet will be one of the main highlights of the evening. Ease your mind (and your pocket book) and replace your traditional party favours with a custom candy & treat bag which your guests can fill themselves and enjoy doing so! 

Whether you wish to add to your wedding reception, create a conversation corner for your work colleagues or celebrate a birth, birthday or any occasion happening in your world, a candy & treat buffet will make a statement! Chose from sweets that you haven't eaten in years or a colour theme specific to your day. Even if you party has no set theme, Anna is ready with plenty of suggestions to ensure that your buffet matches your day perfectly.